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Lawrenceville Preschool: How Brain Development is shaped by Genetic and Environmental Factors

Posted on 01-13-2015


Your preschool child’s brain development is shaped by everything he or she is exposed to, both inside and outside of the womb. Two of the most prominent factors are genetic and environmental, both of which can significantly shape brain development in your child. We discuss here how genetic and environmental factors shape your child’s brain development:

Genetic factors

Parents have little control over genetic factors, of course. There are both positive and negative genetic factors that may pass to your child, which can impact cognitive development. It is not unusual for a child to receive the same positive traits that one or both of the parents have. These traits are passed through genes, and genes can be expressed or not. This is why each child is unique, and will have some of the parent’s traits but not others.

Environmental factors

The most important environmental factors that affect brain development begin during the prenatal stage. These factors include diet, stress, and the mother’s age when she becomes pregnant. Most of these types of factors can be controlled. A healthy diet is critical for the healthy development of the fetus and, because stress can experienced by the fetus, it is important for a mother to manage her stress on a daily basis. After your child is born, the most important factor is to ensure that your child grows up in a loving, nurturing environment.

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