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What you can do when your child will not nap

Posted on 01-27-2015


Toddlers and preschoolers can be amazingly stubborn, especially at naptime. Some days your child might nap easily without resistance. While other days require extreme patience due to a testy toddler who would rather stay awake versus sleep. This blog by the child care team at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of University Center in Lawrenceville looks at what you can do if your child is one of those “anti-nappers.”

How to win the battle at naptime

If a child is fatigued and cranky, there is usually less naptime resistance. However, if your child feels that a nap is not necessary, he or she often becomes resistant to a parent’s suggestions, and a “battle of wills” ensues. Quarreling with your child, if he or she does not want to nap, is usually futile. Instead, simply carry on with your day as normal since a “nap battle” is of minimal benefit to either you or your child.

Establish a route and stay on-schedule

Most preschoolers and toddlers require a post-lunch nap to have enough energy for the remainder of the day. Implementing a naptime every day, at the same hour, establishes a routine. While this may be difficult to implement at first, once your child becomes accustomed to a schedule for a needed daily rest, he or she will be less combative as naptime approaches. As a parent, having some down-time for your own nap or to accomplish needed tasks, will prove beneficial to both of you!

Prepare for a change in schedule as your child grows

A routine is important when it comes to naptime, but as your child matures, his or her need for sleep can change quickly. The napping schedule which was fine for a three-year-old might not work for that same child upon reaching age four.

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